The Skincare Chef

One of the benefits of owning a soap business, and having bulk ingredients at home is the ability to make anything, in a pinch.


It’s the equivalent of cooking, vs. takeout. Cooking is not a lost art, it’s a familiar skill to many of us. But the stuff we squeeze out of tubes and spray on our skin is some mysterious chemical panopoly. Just like junk food, it often has impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, and mysterious colors and shapes. If this is food, cooking is an impossibility, without an industrial plant and vats of dye and 50-gallon drums of flavoring. Of course, there are better foods to be had at home. And home-cooked meals are hard to package and make shelf-stable. In fact, in their freshness lies most of the appeal.

I’ve come to see that bodycare products as akin to cooking. With the right ingredients on hand–coconut oil, baking soda, jojoba oil, maybe witch hazel and essential oils, the possibilities are endless. IF you have the right recipes. And once you have the basic principles down, recipes are easy to improvise on the fly.

And given the amount of preservatives, plastics and chemicals we dump on our skin and hair, just from simply not knowing how to make our own, fresh concoctions, this is a lost art that’s worth recovering.

Although I sell soaps, bath salts, candles and other products, I know firsthand the rewards of making a lip balm, or a face mask, or candles. I’ll share recipes here, and encourage everyone to try making your own products. No, the first few times you make something, it won’t be the same as store-bought. Might feel strange in texture or just be a complete failure. But like cooking, it’s a skill that improves with practice. Feel free to contact me if you have any requests or questions.

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