Summer Recipe: Coconut Oil After-Shower Moisturizer


There is no better summer moisturizer than coconut oil. If you rub it on after a shower, but BEFORE drying off, it is softening and soothing. Moisturizing with Coconut Oil, mixed with a little olive oil, cleared up those annoying bumps on the back of my arms.
Try this:
1/4 c. Coconut Oil , melted

1 T. olive oil
1 T. Jojoba Oil

Combine and store in a small glass jar. For an out of this world hair treatment, add 1 T. Argan Oil, apply to your ends, leave in 10 min. and rinse out, shampoo as usual.

Using simple oils and butters to moisturize after showering or bathing means that the oil will mix with water on your skin, and form an instant lotion, bypassing the problem of preservatives. When you mix oil and water, as in a lotion (which is usually 70% water), bottle it and put it on a shelf, it incubates mold and bacteria. The normal solution: add chemicals to the mix, then rub it on your skin!

Not all preservative systems are bad, but it’s an easy problem to bypass–use 100% oil mixes for all-over moisturizing, instead of lotion. Make your own and freshness is guaranteed.

At some point, skincare will get it’s own Paleo/Primal movement, and Revlon’s Colorstay lipstick will seem just as incomprehensible as the McLean Deluxe,. Until then, try this and if you create a better variation, share it in the comments!

Note:If you are in a hotter climate, you can add beeswax (start with a teaspoon), to create a firmer texture.


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