Fickle HilEquisetum_arvense_foliage1l Naturals was born in 2001. I was in search of a job that would allow me to stay home with my kids, work in   jeans, and explore my love of all things natural and healthy.

I live in the coastal redwoods of Northern California with my family, three dogs, various chickens and rabbits and cats. The beauty products industry is full of scams and hype, but my mission has been to bring simple, quality products to local stores and internet shoppers.

Disclaimer: None of the products Fickle Hill Naturals carries will miraculously stop the aging process, slay wrinkles or dissolve body-image issues. And yet, small artisan soap and body product makers consistently create products that can compete with any premium brand–and win. Because we aren’t paying for advertising and airbrushed celebrity endorsements, we can sell you a $4 soap, instead of an $11 savon de corps!

I will occasionally post recipes for DIY skincare products. Many aren’t difficult to master, and you’ll be amazed at the quality. Please feel free to email me at support@ficklehillnaturals with any questions, comments or requests for products.

Thank you,

Maja Hanson

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