A Winter’s Retail Tale


Holidays are a time for family, thoughtful gifts, tradition–and every year, it just feels more and more like one big, month-long line at Costco.

It keeps getting more difficult to make that space and time–Black Friday preview deals are all over the Internet, businesses are going to open Thanksgiving night. I know I’ve been working on Christmas orders since before Halloween. And the more hectic life feels, the more important it is, to me, to be mindful and make that room for family, and tradition. NOT the tradition of standing in lines all over town, either.

I’m also participating in National Novel Writing Month this November. It’s a fun kind of chaos, and I figured, if I can accomplish this during my busiest time of year, there’s no reason I can’t knock out a few books in those other months, too…


But I want a slower pace this year.  I’m going to post some fun deals during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Enjoy the long Thanksgiving weekend with your family, and check back soon! Shipping is always free, and Ugly Soaps are still only $1–and no lines!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!